March 31, 2010


The best way to share any news -- good or bad -- is to tell your friends (who will tell their friends ... and their mamas ... and random people at the grocery store).

However, these days, it's hard to get together and talk about the delicious meal you ate or the awesome customer service you received. You can't find the time to ask where your coworker got her gorgeous color or your friend's husband found the best deal on a new set of tools.

That's where SocialSanford Reviews can help. We'd like *you* (and you and you) to submit your stories about local businesses and events. Tell us how great (or terrible) it was. Talk about why you would (or wouldn't) go back. Share what made your experience unique and why someone has earned your business.

We -- and all the other Socialites -- want to know where we should (and shouldn't) spend our hard-earned dollars.

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Of course there are some rules. We will only publish content that abides by these rules:
  • The business/even you are writing about must be locally owned. No rants against Walmart or Kmart, etc. Focus on local, local, local! We'll consider reviews for anything located in Chatham, Harnett, Lee, or Moore counties.
  • Your experience must have happened within 30 days of the date of your submission.
  • You must be specific. What did you eat or buy? Why was your service great or poor? What were your expectations. Simply saying something was great or something was terrible won't qualify. Ask yourself "why is this important?" if you're stuck.
  • You must be willing to use your name. Anonymous reviews aren't fair to anyone and our goal here is to present an honest, accurate view of local businesses. This is not a forum for trashing anyone.
With all of that said -- we're excited to hear your rants and raves about local businesses and events!

To submit your review: Email an edited Word document that's ready for print. (Make sure you use spell check!) We'll respond within 24 hours and your review will be posted in the order it was received.

Reviews will be posted on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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  • Dream Factory of Sanford

    I would like to ADD a vendor for Sept 7. Vendor Fair.
    Aunt Dis, Karma Boutique

  • Autumn Callaghan

    Checked out the new Salon in Sanford. Big Screen Beauty Salon and it is awesome!! My stylist is a color expert and so friendly. The salon is retro with cool black and white photos of old Movie stars and Pin-ups like Marilyn Monroe. I can't wait to go back!! 3100 South Horner Blvd. It's across from Lowes.

  • Christy

    Looking for James? We found him at Big Screen Beauty Salon. He is one of the most sought after stylist in Sanford and he is a Beautiful new Salon!!

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