Editorial Policy

SocialSanford is designed to help people living in Sanford and Lee County know more about what’s happening in their community. The purpose is to get everyone out and about right here in our town. There’s no need to drive anywhere else to have a fantastic, affordable, memorable time.

To maintain our purpose, there are a few rules as to what SocialSanford will post. They are:

  • Items must be actionable. SocialSanford is not free advertisement for your business or fundraiser. The only items posted are ones that our Socialites can act on. For instance, your business hours aren’t news — but your 50% off select items is. That you have a Facebook page isn’t news — until you offer a giveaway or other incentive to encourage people to “like” you. The point is action.
  • Items are posted on SocialSanford’s timetable. Once you submit an item or event for consideration, when (or if) we publish it is completely up to SocialSanford. No amount of emailing the event or posting about it on SocialSanford’s Facebook page will speed it up. Items are added to the calendar quickly and then posted on Facebook as is appropriate for the item. Therefore, if you submit an item about a fundraiser for April, don’t expect to see it until the end of March.
  • If you want something posted on SocialSanford, you should spread the news about it. SocialSanford is pretty good about collecting information from disparate sources, but the most certain way of getting your news or event information published is to send a heads up (see methods below).

Now that you know what information SocialSanford will post, you might wonder about how the Facebook page works. That’s where you get to play!

  • What you can post: Use the Facebook page to share your news and information. This is a great way to spread the word about events or news items that will be picked up and re-published for all Socialites. If you want your item posted ASAP, go ahead and put it up on the Facebook page. Of course, if you post the same information repetitively, some of it will be deleted (not all of it), but you have the freedom to share there.
  • What you can’t post: SocialSanford is not the place for your political rants or conspiracy theories. Socialites play nicely with each other and treat each other with respect. If you have a question about something that’s been removed, email is the best way to ask it.

The editorial policy is quite simple. Now that you know it, here are the ways you can submit information:

This should cover all the potential bases. Thank you for your interest in SocialSanford!