We're on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. We email, chat, and stream music and videos. We're using the Internet for work and play ... so why don't we -- the people of Sanford, NC and Lee County, NC -- have an online space where we can share the tips, ideas, news, and events that only we know about.

Sanford's founders relied on the public square to gather and share relevant information and the generations before us met for coffee and news at the neighborhood get-together, but we no longer have that village. SocialSanford aims to find it again -- right here in this virtual space.

SocialSanford was created to satisfy the need for a central place where new and long-time residents could turn when they needed to know where to go and what to do, such as where to take the kids to dinner on a Thursday night, which parks have baby swings, and when's the latest you can grab a piping hot latte from Java Express on a Saturday afternoon. [Click here to meet the woman behind SocialSanford.]

If you want to build on this community and flesh out this space, please feel free! Email us your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. No one knows this town better than we do, so let's share those hidden gems and insider secrets with community members and newcomers alike.

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